Top Five Tents For Surf Adventures

I've slept rough, in tents, in cars in derelict buildings for a pretty unhealthy portion of my life in the pursuit of surf. So have a pretty good knowledge of what makes a good tent, so along with the other nine testers we've been using we have ranked our top five tents. It is a little tricky with tents, because different tents do different things for different situations, but here is a top five.

1. The Cave by Heimplanet

I personally love this tent, and I know the jury is still a little out when it comes to inflatable ones like this, but the whole Heimplanet range is incredible. I have slept securely through gales, snowstorms, and the heaviest rain and this tent rules. It takes a bit to work out the inflation and hanging, but once you've go it dialled it's so simple. Loads of space and stable. Only issue I have is it is not a great one to fly with, just a bit heavy, but for the driving trip, as long as not hiking (they have smaller ones for that) it is an incredible tent. So incredible that mine got stolen from a French campsite, and I haven't been able to afford a new one since! Check out their whole range HERE

2. Northface Expedition

Northface do not make this expedition tent anymore, but have upgraded versions of it. it went with Timmy Turner and Ian Battrick and Myself to Canada, Iceland and Scotland, on about eight trips, and was absolutely bombproof. It even blew away into an ice covered ditch once and kept all of our stuff dry. They are a bit pricey - £550 - £1000 depending on size, but simple fact is there are a once a lifetime purchase. Unlike the Heimplanet as well they pack down small enough not to destroy your bank account on flight excess luggage. 

3. The Vango Banshee 200

Now this little expedition tent is a secret beauty, I thought I was alone in owning one, but it turns out eight of us have, or do own one. They are small and compact for any kind of travel, very quick to put up and bomb proof. We've been through a lot in Iceland in one of these and never let me down, and I still own mine and use it. Fits two pretty comfortably and retails for around £110 which is very good value. 

4. Eurohike Tamar

Another secret beauty and good for those on a budget as it come sin around £100. It's light enough to travel with, and for your regular surf trip more than enough. I used one of these in the wilderness of Canada, three weeks in a very wet rain forest and it worked well. All of us agree it's a good budget option. 

5. Terra Nova Laser Pulse 1

This isn't for everyone as it comes in at £600 for a one man tent!! But a cope fo us have used these, and when it comes to lightweight, and we mean very light, travel and bombproof pitch anywhere travel these are incredible. But the price isn't for the feint hearted!