Top 5 Alcohol Free Drinks

OK so alcohol free beers etc. have exploded and I am very thankful for this. Around the time I relaunched The Path I was pretty ill and had to go on medication which meant I couldn't drink. After three months I realised hell I didn't mind never having hangovers and was fitter, but shit I missed the sweet taste of beer. Then AF beer kicked off and I haven't looked back. I'm not anti alcohol incidentally, I just know medically I can never drink it again so just happy these exist. I have tried a lot though, and these are my, and fellow testers faves - 

1. Ghost Ship and Lucky Saint -  Ghost Ship - From Adnams Ale, here in Suffolk, Ghost Ship was a fave alcoholic beer, and the non alcoholic version is so close it is amazing. Now I know we're not all Ale fans so we needed a joint winner here - Lucky Saint is the best lager by a mile, and as cool refreshing drink it cannot be beaten. 

2. Brewdog Punk AF IPA - I was a fan of Punk IPA and the alcohol free version is almost as good and passes as good drink, nice and bitter. 

3. Guiness AF - OMG, I used to drink Guiness as if it were water, this may be even higher if it went't so damn hard to get hold of, but it's so close to the real thing.

4. Pentire - This Cornish spirit maker has totally replaced and satisfied my lust for a G+T it's awesome, it's not the same as a G and T but has the same effect. Compared to the non alcoholic Gins it is so much better. 

5. Brewdog Nanny State - A little lighter than the IPA but just as pleasant. 

Notable mentions - A lot of AF beers tend to be sweet or have gnarly after tastes, but notable mentions that don't and are good post surf, pre, or during to cool down are - Heineken, FreDAM and Stella.

Just one note, I'm pretty sure there's loads of you screaming why not just drink, well I'd die if I did, and these are a decent alternative when you love beer as much as I do, plus the thought of a hangover again scares me... oh and you can get out of the surf, crack a couple and drive home, it's awesome.