The Path to Issue 125



Its taken a little longer than we had hoped, but The Path is on a new operating/management system, is more organised and ready to roll into a flurry of new issues with a new team, distribution and a tight publishing schedule for the next four years up to issue 125, and then beyond, but we’ll see what’s changed in the world then to see where we go.


But first to catch everyone up. You’ll notice first we have four new issue coming between now and Christmas, some of you have 107 already, for others it’s coming. These issues up to 110 are only available to current subscribers or if you’ve pre-ordered one already, no one else and you will receive them all by Christmas. You will also notice you can’t buy issues 101-105 on this site anymore either, the reason? We have a small distribution company sending them out, and it makes things way more efficient, so we have a back issue site HERE which connects directly to them.


The only thing you can purchase on this site is the digital subscription, this gets you access to every issue and all of the first 100 (as they go live). For those of you who are already subscribers you can get a new account by buying a Digital Premium Subscription, when you get to check out use the code WATERLIFE and it is free. You can’t use it unless you are an existing customer. 


If we have any extra copies of any of the issues from 106-110 we will put them on the back issue site. All other subscribers benefits books, t-shirts etc. are all sent as well over the next two months as we get them, 


Emails are also changing, we are not Surfer’s Path we are The Surfer’s Path, and we have only recently been able to get the correct website, the original version of TSP never owned it you see. So later this week our emails will be changing to We’ll update as soon as they are live. Any emails that have been sent in the last two weeks whilst we have been migrating data etc. will make it through and we will respond. 


The new team is on three levels, Editorial which is totally fresh, a small IT/Accounts/Distribution team and then we have a group of trustees, we’re not a charity but we decided that this name fitted best. These comprise people from across business/publishing and Tim our old editor to give advice etc. In Tim’s case he will continue to deal with all original subscribers, just to keep continuity over the next couple of months. 


We all work in the evenings and at weekends on The Path (hence why we can be a little slow getting back on emails), we believe in an independent publication to tell untold stories in print and film. We’re not in it to make money, but we have all committed financially to keep The Path going in its current form until issue 125, and then beyond in whatever form is appropriate. We’ve resisted offers to bolt shops on to our site, take on some dubious sponsors, do events, and sell the title into a larger publishing group because we do believe in it. It’s been a tough journey and we realise things haven’t always been at all smooth, but we are totally committed to the future and have a stable to platform to deliver everything for our subscribers. 


Thanks for the support


Team Path