Inland Sea


Inland Sea was setup as a passion project in 2017 by Adam Costello. At the time Adam was living in Manchester, being an 'inlander' he witnessed the pretty awful pollution and litter in the city and as a keen a surfer, he knew where that would end up - the sea. Adam therefore wanted to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the city and how that ultimately ends up in the ocean. He attended a Patagonia event and learned about how they were using recycled plastic bottles in their t-shirts. At that time hardly any independent clothing companies were using recycled plastic bottles (PET) in clothing, so Adam went about sourcing where to do this. He found a company in the US and designed 2 t-shirts which used a blend of 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled plastic bottles. Ordering 500 t-shirts on his credit card, along with a hefty import bill the idea began! Fast forward through years of massive climate change news, a global pandemic and the beginnings of a new world, Inland Sea has been able to react and help to raise awareness of several climate and social issues along the way. In 2020 through Adam and his partner Vic's podcast called 'Things can only get Greta' they learned about the incredible powers of seaweed and that you could also create clothing from a fibre known as SeaCell which contains seaweed. This was a light bulb moment and Adam knew he needed to create a clothing range using seaweed fibre. It was then through his other podcast The Ethical Pages Podcast, he learned where to get the t-shirts made using this type of new revolutionary fibre containing seaweed. The idea and contacts were all in place and the only issue now was funding to meet the minimum quantity order for the factory. Adam therefore turned to crowdfunding the idea using Kickstarter. After 30+days of super intense marketing, during the 2nd national lockdown in the UK, with home schooling 3 kids Adam and Vic successfully raised just over £14K to fund the t-shirt project and the idea went ahead! We are now looking to establish the business as a pioneer of using seaweed in clothing and also investing back into seaweed farms here in the UK to offset our carbon footprint, help restore lost ocean ecosystems and contribute to solving the climate crisis. Find Out More and Click The Link HERE