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The beautiful thing about The Surfer's Path from day one has been the combination of established surf journalists work existing beside those of just regular readers. It's one of the reasons TSP exists, everyone has a tale to tell from their surfing world, even it is really just one tale. The early issues had some beauties, the ones that have really caught our eye now are those by Pete Ash, father to British champs Reubyn and Joss Ash and still a regular in the lineups around Bude. 

The tale from Morocco and Sri Lanka in the early eighties are awesome, experiences that simply cannot and therefor will not every be repeated, they are beautiful innocent and at the very starting point of surf exploration.

We haven't forgotten this mantra, in issue 105 we have tales from readers in Ireland, Hawaii, Scotland and El Salvador, all brilliant, all unique experiences, and ones which probably would not be told if it were not for this publication.

As we head into our 25th year, a lot has changed, film is more prominent than paper, but the tales are still there. So if you have one, even if you have no photos please drop me a line and we run it. 

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