Twin Issues Of Spring ( and a third for summer)

After a hiatus of sorts through the winter (and because of covid), we have twin issues coming this spring, followed by a third in early summer. 

Issue 104 is our state of the oceans issue.

We have an incredible piece from Dan Crockett, he works for The Blue Marine Foundation, and gives us an in-depth overview of the state and hopes for our ocean. It's not all dome and gloom, but it gives a snapshot of what is really going on.

We also look at all the different aspects of ocean degredation, with input from SAS's Hugo Tagholm, sociologists on the positivity created from small community responses, real surfers on the ground in Norfolk, the Hebrides and Wales talking about ocean recovery, the role of surf tourism as a pathway for coastal development, and surfing's place in ocean recovery. 

It sounds heavy, but it's not, it's a frank look at our ocean, and how it is changing, and about how we are positively responding. It's our home after all.

It's not all Ocean science, we have five incredible lockdown tales, of discovery and escapism during our most restricted period of movement since 1945. We speed boat through indo with Eugene Tollemache and Mikala Jones, Sail from Italy to Australia, via surfing in Saudi Arabia an The Maldives, Find waves in Wales and Devon, and learn to surf within walking distance in Cornwall. All inspiring and fascinating tales.

It's a classic issue and you can get a copy or subscribe HERE

Issue 105 is all about the limits of surfing. We've had a lot of time to think through lockdown, and a lot of time to talk to some incredible people in depth. We find out where the limits of riding slabs is, the performance limits of wooden boards, the future and limits of what seaweed can do (for boards and clothes), how far (big) can big wave surfing go, can Yulex reach the performance level of neoprene so our suits can be truly green, have we reached a limit of surf adventure/exploration,  where is the limit of surf photography, board design, aerial surfing and how far can we push wavepools (and is it actually worth it), oh and we speak to the bodysurfers who are pushing the original form of wavering to the limit.


Plus the usual tale so travel and adventure, this time from Ireland, Hawaii and France. 

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Issue 106 doesn't have a cover yet, and will be out at the very start of summer, it is a return to the normal Path format after a more themed issues, but with a twist. We have been inundated with loads of incredible features and adventures from readers. We think lockdown has given everyone time to put pen to paper with their own tales, and these are incredible. We're looking at missions from all over the globe. It is an extravaganza of surf adventure, with some incredible imagery as well. It will come hopefully as the restrictions on travel become more relaxed, and we can once again dream of warm water and adventures beyond our own boarders.

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We've been working hard, not just surviving, but thriving for the future, and these three issues reflect that, and what we have planned beyond, the projects and the people we are working with make The Path a very racing place to be working at the moment. We are totally committed to producing truly independent content, and offer a breath of fresh air four times a year from our digital instant world.