The Story So Far 101-104

It all seemed so simple, we made a magazine in the image of the original Path, people liked it, we had a few teething problems with distribution, then we got sideswiped by Covid, like the rest of the planet. But two things got us through, our subscribers who have been incredible and our extreme determination to take The Path towards our ultimate vision.

Everyone thought we were crazy bringing The Surfer's Path back to life, it died because it was no longer a commercial viability for the mega publishing company that owned it, so we were a little crazy, especially when it died we worked for said commercially orientated leviathan. 

The Surfer's Path though is more than just a magazine, it's an idea, it was a community of surfers who wanted to read about the absolute joys of surf travel and adventure, a mix characters well known and obscure and have a solid splattering of environmental, ecological, oceanographic and meteorological issues talked about as well. 

Getting the magazine to issue 105, has been the hardest thing I've ever done, but now we're ready to move onto the next phase. The magazine still runs, we're not turning into a shop, but we have been quietly working with some of the best film makers, surfers, adventurers and producers in our realm, and despite the fact we haven't been able to go further than our local beach here in Crantock for most of the winter, we are well into production on our first ten films. 

We have shorts with some shapers and local surfers, making stuff from wood to regular boards, we have a couple fo crazy adventure films in production, all in Northern Europe and we have one short biopic which is nothing short of astounding.

None of these films are sponsored, we're making them to enhance and move The Surfer's Path from being merely a print offering to being available to sharing our ethos with everyone who loves to ride waves. We'll be dropping a trailer for our films in a couple of days so look out for that, and as always, subscribers get exclusive access to all the films.

Thanks as always for the support, below are tiny extracts from our first four issues which are all now out in print and available as a digital subscription

Issue 101


Issue 102

Issue 103

Issue 104