The Archive Project

We wanted to do something really special for our 25th year, and a lot of ideas have been thrown around, but the one which has stuck is the giving away of all of our first 100 issues.

You see The Path is unlike any other magazine and within those first 100 issues are six hundred or so unique travel articles, not brand trips, but just normal guys and girls going on adventures. They are a document of two decades of real surf adventure and travel. There are several hundred profiles and interviews, which exist nowhere else, a couple of hundred environmental and oceanographic features. All of these ad up to one epic cultural document of surfing, from the point of view of our legendary founder Alex, and all of the contributors. 

Plus it is a document of incredible surf photography and incredible design from the two key designers of this period, Dan Haylock and Nick Farrow with a splattering of David Carson in there as well. 

We wanted to make this free, because in an age when stories are condensed to passing glimpses on social media, we need long reads and to see where things have come from. You can enjoy them all for free, tip us with a cup of coffee, or whatever you like, but we just want this slice of our culture to be available to everyone so you don't have to. 

If you'd simply like to help this project work, then you can also donate a pound or fifty pence below, thank you it helps keep it running, it costs two fifty a month to keep it running. But you don't have to we want these to be free, so you can start enjoying them HERE