Lea Brassy - The Conscious Globetrotter - From The Surfer's Path 101

An Extract From Issue 101

Sometimes you experience the biggest adventures in the smallest vehicles. That is something that Léa Brassy can confirm. Back in Europe, she takes the wheel of the ‘mascot’, the good old Citroen C-15-Autostar of her grandfather her grandfather. The small delivery van is outfitted with rudimentary comforts yet is robust enough to reach the border of the Arctic in the year 2010.  

As usual, it’s not Léa’s way to return home after a fortnight. No, she essentially moved to the Lofoten in Norway to better take in the beauty of the place.  

Spellbound from the contrast between the waves and the snow-covered peaks, she spent months surfing the waves around the town of Unstad – the centre of the Norwegian surf scene. The documentary “Catch It” made by American Sarah Menzies, reports on Léa’s Arctic adventures in her small camper van. The short film depicts the difficulty of surfing in icy water in the middle of winter and shows her love of fishing and desire for a simple life. 

“My reality is not the stuff dreams are made of, but my dedication to make my dreams reality has the potential for dreams.” 

A few years later, in 2016, she made a second film along with her boyfriend, Polar explorer Vincent Collairs. These 26 minutes were produced by Sarah Menzies and won awards at multiple film festivals.  

This time, the film follows Léa and Vincent as they discover secret waves in northern Iceland, hidden behind snowy peaks.

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