Winter Schedule

Thanks for all the feedback on the survey both on here and on our newsletter. As I said we want to make a magazine for you guys and that fits in with when you want it. So with that in mind, whilst e are remaining at four issues a year, we will be weighting the release to the autumn/winter months. 

It goes against traditional mag schedules as we are not reliant on advertising In the summer. But it makes total sense, more down time to read, dark evenings and there is a lot more swell to write about! So issue 105 is out this month followed by 106 in late  November depending where you are, 107 in early 2022, 108 in March. Thus giving you a regular hit through the dark months, and less in the summer. 

Thanks as always for the support If you'd like a winter subscription you can get one HERE




Issue 105 will be out in a couple of weeks (end of august) it is a departure from Environmental concerns and a wholehearted delve into travel, people and pushing the big wave limits of surfing.

The lead feature is where the limits of surfing lie. When it comes to big wave and slab surfing. We take a different angle on things, rather than talk to surfers, we talk to people about the physiology of the human body, meteorologists on the potential size of storms, and oceanographers on where and indeed if a 100 foot wave actual could ever exist.

Then we're all about travel we are going to Hawaii to surf Pipe for the first time, we reveal a wave in the UK so savage only three people have surfed it, and kept it secret in plain view for twenty years, we head to El Salvador with Mark Boyd, we surf every county in Ireland (which has a cost), we walk to France and we look at the implications of climate change on our surf around the UK.

It's a classic issue in the true spirit of The Surfer's Path and you can pre order a copy HERE. We only print between 1-200 copies over the amount we need for subscribers.