Issue 104 Preview

Issue 104 is out, and is a combo of covid breaking travel and a look at the state of our oceans at home and globally. 

Dan Crockett from The Blue Marine Foundation pens our lead feature, and gives a concise, chilling and hopeful overview of our world oceans, and reiterates what an important part surfers have to play in keeping it safe.

Local Oceans - Three subscribers, tell us the tales of events that have changed their local oceans, from Norfolk, Wales and western Scotland.

Surf Tourism - The final part of our ocean feature looks at the role of surf tourism, and how we have unwittingly trailblazer more destructive developments into surfing paradises. 

We don't want to be all about the environment though so we pieced together five incredible tales from the last year, proof that the adventure never stops.

We go to Indo with Eugene Tollemache and friends who snuck out of harbour and scored an incredible swell, alone and socially distanced from he world.

We go on two home missions, to find waves on the doorstep, places where we'd normally avoid in favour of more consistent waves, in Wales and Devon.

Nova Scotia is the destination for a truly freezing surf snuck in between winter storms and covid lockdowns.

Finally we sail from Sardinia to Australia, via Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman and The Maldives, surfing along the way, and in the end racing global shutdown to make it back to Melbourne. 

It's a beautiful issue, and true to The Path's roots covering both the environment and epic travel. 

We have around 30 spare copies available for casual purchasers HERE, we may have a few more later in the week as well once subscribers have there's as well. 

We d have 100 subscriptions available for the rest fo the year as well which include 104 HERE