Behind the shots 003 - 004

As it's St Piran's day her win Cornwall we'll stick with the duchy. 

003 - Porthleven, with Skindog and Tyson Greenaway

This was a rare day from December 2014, a good winter for the south coast. It also was a day when there were actually not many people at 'Leven. The social media circus of posting within seconds of shots happening was not yet a thing, and this bright dawny was classic. This was deep into the session and the swell was already dropping, Skindog had had one of the longest barrels I have ever seen in England, as had Tom Butler, but other than these two there were only a few locals around. This set, was one of the last of note as the swell faded. Skindog pulled this classic  bottom turn and tucked in, whilst Tyson zipped into the left, pulled in and disappeared behind that wall, not sure if he made it or not...

This is Skindogs bomb from earlier in the morning, I have a 21 shot sequence of it but won't bore you... You get the picture with that wall standing up.

004 - Reubyn Ash, Bude.

I knew Reubyn from the age of about 12, living and working out of the TSP/Low Pressure office from the start I got to shoot with him a lot, and his brother Joss. I always had one shot in mind at this left point, and when I was full time shooting Reubyn was hardly ever home, always travelling, filming and competing so I got loads of shots of Joss doing straight airs, but none never quite right in the saddle of this hill. Then Reubyn came back for a few weeks, the point worked once, and Reubyn paddled out and nailed it. It's easily a favourite shot from the water, especially non barrel and Reubs is such a perfectionist in the water of style and grace, in my mind Britain's best technical surfer of all time. 


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