Behind The Shot 011 - 012

We're back to the gladiator pit that is Rielly's and two legends charging it. 
011 - Russ Bierke
I doubt there has been a backside performance to match Russ' few days at Rielly's, his critical late drops, like this one were basically psychotic, and the fact he was making almost all of them into deep deep barrels was on another level. This was one of two really crazy one, his rail and speed control are honed from a life growing up on slabs, and it really shows. 
012 - Adrian Fernandez De Valderama
Adrian charged this day (see the shot below), he had literally come to island forms he Basque Country having just recovered from a broken ankle. It took it easy on the fun surf days leading up to this session, just so he could unleash, and unleash he did. Four days later we took him to Sligo hospital, and found that this wave had re-fractured his ankle, but the pits made up for it...
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