Behind the shot 009 - 010

Couple of amusing ones to lighten up a pretty dark week today...
009 - Micah Lester, jump rock nightmare
The paddle out here is pretty straightforward, you do a rock clamber, get on a big boulder and jump over the last bit of white water of the set and bingo you're out. Thing is, if you do that on an increasing swell, you run this risk. You end up in no mans land on a boulder as eight foot wash throughs turn up. Micah Lester took the full punishment, got washed around, avoided loosing any fins and made it out.
010 - The Flying Pig
It has become a total Icelandic cliche, you got to go to the glacial lagoon to get shots paddling round and show how good your wetsuit is etc. etc. ridiculous. One thing you may not realise though is exactly how sketchy these icebergs are. They are sharp, if they're not grounded they flip, taking anything in contact with them, and obviously they are ruddy cold. This one though was most agreeable for shots, it wasn't until we got the shots on the computer that we realised it looked like a giant pig/mouse head with wings...
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