105, 106 and 107

Pretty happy to have made it through last winter, like for everyone it was hard, and the mag survived thanks to the reader and our partners support. 

Now it's really exciting, a new issue is dropping, issue 105 is about to become a reality and issue 106 and 107 are full of all the plans we had pre-pandemic. So here's a rundown of what's coming, we're also doing a mini subscription for the rest of the year which you can get HERE

Issue 105 - Where is the limit?

We're going to dial back the environmental angle for the rest of the year, there will still be bits in Land Sea Sky, but now we're free (ish) again it's all about travel, adventure and surfing. In issue 105 - 

Where is the limit - We have talked to some of the world's best big wave surfers, oceanographers and doctors to find out just where the limits of big wave surfing are. Is there really a 100 foot wave? Is it possible for anywhere other than the focussing freak at Nazare to produce it, and what are the human limitations on surviving it, as well as equipment. 

We also have some incredible travel tales, from readers and journalists to Hawaii, El Salvador, France, Scotland, Sri Lanka and an awesome tale of trying to surf in every coastal county in Ireland. 

Plus all the usual stuff.

Issue 106 - Our People That Surf

Right through the last year we have had so much time to talk to our community, and the tales that have come out of it are amazing. There are tales of adventure, discovery, eclectic board collecting, mental re-habilitation, shaping, pilgrimages and just regular guys and girls like you and I finding their way through a surfing life. We have done an issue like it before, and this is an in-depth beauty.

Issue 107  - 

When I pulled The Path back together I had a vision for one issue a year to break the boundaries of what have been done in the past. I can vividly remember a conversation I had with Alex, The Path founder, over looking Kandui Left after an incredible run of swell. I was editor of Wavelength at the time, and we talked of how incredible it would be to shoot an issue in real time, and gather the whole community of writers and photographers together to make it in print and film, and allow everyone input at the same time, whilst keeping the ethos and principles as they always are. Back then it wasn't possible for either of us, but now it is, so as long as a new variant doesn't ruin everything, we're going to do the first issue like this in film, print and here. 

A Word On Availability and Ads

So issue 104/105 will both be limited to supply to subscribers plus 100 - 200 copies, we're keeping it tight for environmental reasons just so we don't over print in tricky times. We'll then ramp things up a little for 106 and then 107 will be more readily available and hopefully we'll be able to do a mini tour.

Ad wise, we are slowly reducing them over the next three issues, so we end up with six core partners.

Finally the schedule - 

104 - Is out now

105 - July

106 - August 

107 - November

Thanks as always for the support