Issue 103 - Escapism

Right at the beginning of lockdown we had an issue almost ready to go to press, it was the usual mixture of epic tales and environmentalism. Then we all got slammed into isolation, I’m sure we all had loved ones and friends we were worried about, and the whole world has changed. Because of that, and with our printer shutting for a period we decided to change this issue into one of pure escapism. We have tales from Cornwall to East Anglian, New England to New Zealand, and a group of tales from our eternal search for isolation in Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Indonesia, India, Morocco and Mexico. Plus the usual land sea sky and an epic gallery.

Obviously times are tough all round, the surf industry is hurting for sure, and whilst we are not that reliant on advertising it does affect us, so we have released an extra 200 subs, which at time of writing this we have 175 left. If you, or know of anyone who would like to get into The Path, and can help here is the link - we really appreciate and are dedicated to producing a journal based specifically in Britain and Ireland but covering global issues and swell, which you want.