Travel Board Bags

Personally I have spent way too much time pouring over the details of board bags in my life, the extra pockets, the day bags included, can I sleep in it? All very important questions. I've had a few in my life, they have acted not only as inter for traveling with, but have been left in damp sheds, strapped to cars and driven at 80 miles an hour looking for swell and generally abused. We called on 18 other testers to share our experiences on this one, and all had different experiences, but really interesting two things stood out - 

Firstly we all loved Rhino Board Bags, sadly they no longer exist but quite a few us still own them, in various stages of decay, or in some cases decent states. Rhino, for us was a bit fo a bench mark. So what of the others? This is more of a top five, not 1-5 best, they all have positives and a few negatives but we'll start with Circle One - 

- Circle One a bit like Rhino, just make really, really good board bags. It turns out that we've all owned one at one point or another, and a lot of us still do. However they can't be an absolute outright winner as none of us have owned one over a double. The beauty of these though is that they last so long, I have a double from what must be the early naughties and it has taken some punishment, yet the zip works, and I still sling it on the roof of my car for coastal missions. So C-One, good British company, and very reliable gear.

- Revolwe - we love these guys for their environmental credentials, and whilst only three of us have tested one, based on that alone we rank them really highly. They are made with recycled PET bottles combined with hard wearing Hemp. I've got an older version of this coffin and it is ridiculously robust. However none of us have put it through he punishment of any of the other bags, so can't give it the longevity seal of approval, yet...

- Ocean and Earth  are synonymous with board bags, and out of all of us we've all owned one at least once. They are possibly the second best board bag when it comes to extras, with all the coffins including day bags, and the top of the range ones board socks as well. I can vouch for them as being comfortable for sleeping in as well. Only one recurring issue with older ones is a tendency for the zips to go, not so on newer versions though, but other than that over a long period of time a solid performer 

- FCS - Other than Rhino this is the bag that I've owned more than another, and it's common amongst our testers. FCS have a very well thought out coffin bag, and particularly like the fully specced out day bag that comes with it. 

- Prolite If you want a bag that can hold everything, has enough pockets in it to hide away every little thing of travelling interest then ProLite is for you. The coffin is good, hard wearing, well organised, and well padded.