The Surfer's Path Issues 005-008

Issue 4-8 
Back in 1997 Caithness was still an absolute frontier. Hardly any surfers lived in Thurso, it was still well surfed, but the surrounding beaches we empty, and as for the slabs... they didn't even register yet, although were being occosially ridden. 
Nuclear power was the big talking point up there, accidents around Dounreay were serious and Sandside carried the ominous warning signs still. 
Wayne Lynch was profiled, an interview we will be sharing for everyone to read, it's as interesting now as it was back then. 
Alex Willias, staff photog also shot a lot of windsurfing back then, Cape Verde was hotspot for the wind guys, but was not without attraction for surfers as well.
Southern California took centre stage, with editor Alex and photographer Alex speaking to and exploring the iconic stretch of coast from San Diego north.
Gabe Davies appeared again, this time in warm water lefts in The Philippines.
Gear Lopez was profiled, like the Waye Lynch profile utterly timeless
A look at early SAS and how it was taking on the mantle that surfing associations were not. 
Carwyn Williams and Alex Williams take us on a journey in The Algarve, at the time a lesser visited surfing outpost
South Devon, home to so many waves, fickle, but beautiful
In time honoured tradition, a reader story, and a life changing one at that. 
This tale from soon to be TSP designer back then Dan Haycock, of exploring Alaska, is for me, what TSP was all about. Grass roots exploration, no surf company stickers just curious surfers. 
The article in Sengal is much the same as well.
The lead though is all about Donegal bay, waves, culture, environment and Art all come together.
The Briton family, from legendary artist and creature of the Euro Surf poster below to then from Dr. Easky Briton
Of course there is also Gabe Davies in a left hand barrel, this time Ireland. 
Plus a profile on legendary long boarder Joel Tudor.
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