Our Survive and Prosper Manual

This past winter has been a time of challenges, but also one to stop and take stock. It made me and the handful of people involved with The Surfer's Path take a breath, and put down what we want to do and why we are doing it, we've called it our survive and prosper manual. It may be of interest to you, or not, but you can see where our heart and soul is at the very least. 

1. We want to make one thing well. We make a journal. That’s it. Nothing else. No distractions to divert our focus. No pretending that we can be good at everything.  

We want to create something of such superior quality that you know it is going to stand the test of time. Will live on, like the original 100 issues of The Path have done, to tell the stories and provide a time capsule of surf, travel, adventure and the environment in our time. We pour over every detail, knowing that we will never achieve perfection, but every issue will get a step closer in every way. 

2. We have no shareholders to tell us what to do, but we have our subscribers. They hold a stake in The Surfer's Path, for a year, two, a decade, for life, they are our shareholders, we answer to no one else but our readership. We want you to know that you have voice, whether it be to tell us we're not up to scratch or simply to offer your own tales. 

3. We have a purpose and want to change things. We want to both inspire and inform. Inspire to get out and go on adventures, we tell tales about normal people who have done abnormal things in the name of surf and adventure. Inform about the real world, the issues our coastal habitat faces, and what we can do about it. 

4. Be independent. We have no ties to corporate sponsors, we just have a loyal collection of supporters who share our values. You won't find any advertorials or industry junkets, just independent thought and adventure.

5. Don't be average. We are in a world of instant average, so we can't do slow average. The best in words, ideas, photography and delivery, that's it, we're not there yet, but we take a step closer every day. 

6. Report every month. Every month we send a free tale out, just for fun. With it comes a monthly update, we'll keep everyone posted on how it's all going. 

7. Re-invest every penny in making the next step even more excellent. No point in doing something if you're not here to make it incredible. It's been tough getting this rolling, we haven't been through the mill to not make it as good as it possibly can be. 

We didn't want this to sound like some corporate shareholders manual, just a little picture of what we want to do. Surfing is 99% stale, clickbait swell watching, which has its place, it's the fringe where we want to live, the real tales from the edges of an ex-counter culture...

Sound like its your kind of thing? Then Join us. If not no worries, roll on, something will pop up on the feed of digital life for you...