The Path Archive

As or first daily update on The Path we wanted to catch-up everyone on the Archive Project. This was a cornerstone of what we wanted to offer for The Surfer's Path this year and the first 14 issues have been downloaded 18000 times!! Whilst that is amazing it also means we've had to figure out how we actually fund the project. Every PDF version of the first magazine has to be hosted and then available, for the reader, 24/7 so we've had to set up with a paid service to handle the volume. We're still not going to charge anything, we want to make all 100 issues available to anyone, there is so much inspiration, history, information and culturally significant articles in there that everyone should be able to enjoy and connect with. So it will remain free, but you can donate when you download one or get a digital sub for a tenner. 

It's a really exciting opportunity to create something incredible, which doesn't exist anywhere else. 

Check out the archive HERE