The Surfer's Path Issue 001

Issue 1, the first ever TSP with an elongated introduction from Alex which takes you on a journey as to why The Path exists accompanied by a beautiful gallery. The philosophy remains the same to this day. The magazine focuses on  journeys through Morocco, with a current one (for 1997) and an epic throw back adventure with Pete Ash, father of Josh and Reubyn. The North Shore gets a little look, specifically from a visiting surfers point of view, man has it changed... plus the first ever Land Sea Sky and Agree to Disagree. You can download it as an individual PDF HERE - Individual issues are free (although you can donate to help), or you can get all 100 plus issues 101-125 as part of a digital subscription for £10 HERE

 Here's some sample pages, thank you for the support, we all work for the love it and all proceeds go into keeping the archive running month to month and the paper magazine, so thank you.