Subscribers Update - 1st April 2024

This is a long overdue update for all of our subscribers, but one which comes with certainty as a pose to hope, by that we mean we're in a possition where we can deliver everything in everyone's subscriptions, and to the below dates.

We now have a really varied group of people working on TSP, Tim handed over ownership of the magazine in early 2023, the difficulties of keeping the publication alive post covid were extreme, but especially as he was attempting to do it alone. We are now 17 people, we will have a visible management and editorial structure, so although we are a 'collective' it's a bit more serious than that word suggests. This will be divided into editorial and design and the logistics and accounts, we'll have more on this later in the month. We will also, within this, release a financial statement every quarter for subscribers to see, we've just lost another major publication and we want to be really open as we are reader supported, and we are committed and backed to issue 125, but also want to be very transparent.

The important bits - 

The Magazine Schedule

We have put in a really defined schedule to build up some confidence and to deliver on the most important item, the magazine - 

April 1st - 19th - We're focussed on catching up on any missing issues from 101-106, we have loads (see picture below), and if you've missed any then email and they will be dispatched the following day

April 26th - Issue 107 will be dispatched, all UK subscribers will have it that week, EU by the end of April and the rest of the world by the 9th of May.  We have amended this slightly by four days, we've decided to change the way the magazines are packaged, and that won't be available to us until the 22nd, so we're just giving ourselves a little leeway. 

May 20th - Issue 108 will be dispatched, all UK subscribers will have it by the 24th, EU and ROW by the 31dt

June - We've set aside June to finish catching up with T-Shirts and Books, any older missing issues, that doesn't mean we're not dispatching before that, but this will be the final month for delivery. More on that down the page. 

July 15th - Issue 109 will be dispatched, all UK subscribers will have it that week, EU by the end of April and the rest of the world by the 27th of July.

August 12th - issue 110 will be dispatched, all UK subscribers will have it that week, EU by the end of April and the rest of the world by the 24th of August.

Issue 107 is printed, 108 is being printed and 109 is ready to go to press, 110 is in design. We're getting these out in quick succession to help build the confidence and get some great reading into your hands. 

October - Issue 111 will be released, date to be confirmed

December - Issue 112 will be released date to be confirmed. 

We haven't set an exact schedule for 2025 yet, we're seeing how TSP is received and our own workloads to see if we go to a thicker quarterly journal or stay with six. 

If you have any questions if you can email, that will be the main point of contact.

We will be selling issues, but 107 - 112 print runs will be limited at first to subscribers + about 100 copies extra. 

Working Days - For purposes of contacting us all we will having set days when we answer emails, for distribution it will be Wednesday and weekends. Editorial enquiries will all be at weekends. We will be posting magazines within 24 hours of every order as well. 

Social Media - We will not be on social media for the foreseeable future. We don't have the resources to run/answer questions on social, we don't want to waste good imagery on there which will look better in print, and we're not going to be pushing the magazine just delivering to current subscribers so it doesn't make much sense. 

Website - We will be updating the website every week, 2/3 times with updates and some videos we like. The Archive will start to grow again and is free to subscribers, we will start charging though for non subscribers. 

The Monday Morning Wave - This will be sent to subscribers on the 1st Monday of every month and the Monday a magazine is released on Aprils will be going tomorrow as today is a bank holiday (2nd April). 

Subscribers Merch - June is when we intend to catch up on most of the merch, although we are sending Tees now. The books we originally had, have now mostly been secured, this was an area totally out of our control, but we will give a separate update on this. 

Editorial Contact - If you'd like to contact us about anything editorially -

Who Are We and Why? - We have called ourselves a collective, just as a holding name as we define roles and structure. But we are writers, designers, photographers, logistics experts, accountants and all lovers of TSP. When we realised the struggle Tim had had keeping it together, we wanted to find an alternative way to keep The Path going and offer an independent magazine which was unrestrained by needing sales and advertising. So we have pooled our experience, we have pooled our finances to guarantee the future and have worked out a way of creating a magazine for subscribers (like some of us) who have always loved it. Beyond the blind passion, some of us are also writers, photographers and designers and want to develop our own ideas through TSP, and have an outlet which does not exist anywhere else. We also want to offer up and coming designers, photographers and writers a home to develop their skills as well. 

Our first mission though is catch up any subscribers with missing issues and to deliver the next four issues, please email us - - if you are missing anything. 

Thanks you for taking the time for reading, thank you for your support.