Top Five Car Seats

This one has been running for a long while, in fact the ten of us who are regulars on this test have pretty strong opinions on all of this. We've  been using the car seats for a  combined 200+ years, which means we know what's what and these are the findings - 

1. The Northcore Single Car/Van Seat - We tried to work out if these have just been here forever or not, but all of us have owned a Northcore seat cover for the longest. I think mine has seen well over a decades use, been through four cars, and aside from spilt coffee stains and various other post surf snacks it's still going strong. Simply hard wearing, and saves your car seat a lot of punishment. 

2. The Northcore Double Van Seat - Personally never owned a van so never owned one of these, but the reports are the same as the single, bloody epic and last for more than the last of your vehicle. We're not sure if NC invented these, but I can remember no one before them !

3. The Northcore Back Van Seat - Yeah well, we seriously couldn't find anyone who uses other waterproof car seats they do exist but eh, Northcore have nailed this on all fronts. 

4. Dry Robe Car Seat - Only reason this is last because we have only one to test, and only been using for two months, it is a little different to the Northcore version, it is basically like wrapping your dry robe round your seat, so nice and furry, awesome for naked drives home post surf, and general comfort. Also as someone who loves sleeping in my car, it could be a welcome addition, not sure of the sweat factor though on a hot day in Hossegor.