Plastic Champions



As many of you know we have been ardent anti plastic campaigners, beach cleans, championing alternatives to plastics, constantly speaking out on social media and in print about the subject. But during the last year, we had to go and get jobs to make ends meet, so did many of the photographers and writers we work with, and several of us ended up in supermarkets, just to pay the bills. What we found horrified us, and we're not dissing supermarkets here, although they are part of the solution, but the amount of plastic is incredible, and only by working somewhere like this do you truly appreciate it. We were unpacking items which are plastic free from pallets wrapped in plastic, and whilst all the supermarkets we collectively worked in (Morrisons, Tesco and Waitrose) have very good recycling systems, it's such low grade plastic, whether it gets recycled or not is questionable and even if it does it only prolongs its journey to the landfill by one cycle. 

Change environmentally traditionally comes from two directions, the first is always consumer/activist pressure, followed by Industry/Government collaboration to change practices. It happened with Acid Rain, it happened with The Ozone Layer, it's hopefully about to happen with Climate Change and we have to keep using it to push towards plastic reduction. So rather than shout into the echo chamber of social media and preach to the converted, we thought we'd create a directory, all the brands, refill centres and surf shops which are working hard to make a change, the more we support them, the greater and faster this change happens.

Feel free to email with more, we want this to grow daily. 


SurfDome - It's always interesting when serfdom come up in conversation, they are one of the biggest online surf retailers on Earth, they sell everything from the ultra sustainable Patagonia to brands that are very much not, but they are doing things that all big retailers should be doing, and that is working out how to run a sustainable warehouse from a power point of view and to become waste and plastic free on their own products, as well as removing plastic from some of the brands they sell. We won't go on too much, best thing to do is to check out their sustainability page HERE, and it's worth considering as well in a world of a lot of shouting by instagram influencers about plastic, the driving force behind this revolution is an understated surfer and passionate environmentalist Adam Hall from Croyde, who is also their sustainability director. 


Inkydeep - Plastic free, organic with an ethos for environmental protection our kind of oceanic clothing brand, based in Cornwall check them out. 

Otter Surfboards - Build yourself, or get a beautiful custom, James Otter is a craftsman at the forefront of creating incredible boards for a lifetime of wavering.

Revolwe - These guys are legends, from the Yulex cuffs to recycled leash materials to collars with Slater himself, they are pushing plastic free/sustainable surf hardware.

West Coast Surf Wax and Six Foot and Clean - Paul Hill is another understated plastic reducing legend, he has been making organic cold water wax for years (click the West coast link) and also has the brilliant vegan, organic and plastic free brand Six Foot and Clean making soaps, shampoos and scrubs, check them both out, supporting small companies like this changes the world.

Finisterre - There isn't a lot of intro needed here, from eradicating plastic packaging, to a transparent business model, B Corp, Yulex wetsuits, the list goes on, the brand from Aggie are a shining example. 

Kiri Surf - Hand shapes pianos, made from fast growing ultra sustainable paulownia, beautiful and kind to our world

Rapanui - a totally carbon neutral brand, but not only that they are the minds behind Teemill, the platform that allows hundreds of other brands to be totally carbon neutral. the environment has always been at the forefront of the company from the Isle of Wight. 

InLandSea - These legends for Manchester have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible, originally 'just' plastic free and organic! They have moved into making t-shirts from seaweed, it's pushing the boundaries like this that makes big changes down the line.

Gnarly Tree - From the south coast and based in the coolest looking old garage, Gnarly tree are an organic and plastic free modern brand, we're looking forward to visiting them next year with a film evening. 

Golden Buoy - Not just a sustainable waterspouts brand, but a very contentious one, no plastic in their supply chain at all, water based inks on every product, delivered in recycled cardboard and you get biodegradable beach clean bags with orders.

Rooted Ocean - We have a soft spot for these boys from Bude, firstly because they occupy our old office (hope it's a bit warmer than it used to be) and secondly because their ethos of using sustainable materials and recycling old ones into new useful, long lasting products is awesome, go check them out. 

Arbo Surfboards Newquay - Beautifully crafted wooden boards, based in the heart of Newquay.

Circle One - Circle One are one of our oldest brands in the UK and have always worked to a strict environmental ethos, their switch to more environmental friendly limestone based neoprene for all wetsuits, not just high end and their environmentally friendly bamboo surfboards, as well as cutting down on packaging has been high on their agenda. 



FRUUTBOX - Plastic free vegetable box delivery in Cornwall. 


Sprout Health Foods - Good fresh grinds and healthy supermarket, just up the alley from Karma Surf Shop check them out HERE

The Good Life - Right next door to sailors this sells everything from homeward to groceries, if you go to Newquay you probably walk past it all the time, call in next time and start a new way of life, check their site HERE


Mr Fruity - right next to Goonhavern garden centre loads of fresh produce, local and a giant refill section, all plastic free and a local business check them out HERE They are at Unit 2 Goonhavern Garden Centre. 


One filed farm, by the road to Cubert... 


UN_RAP - one of the first in the heart of Falmouth, check them out HERE


Almond and Co. - A beautiful store in Bournemouth with everything refill, health and fresh produce and exceptional bakery products fine them HERE


Vids Haus Wickham Market - Yoga, vegan Cafe and refill store HERE