The Sustainable Surfer

  • Planting Trees To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

    We are never going to stop travelling, even under Covid rules we still make short journeys to the beach, and as soon as this is under control, we'...
  • Saving Thorli

    Saving Iceland’s Most Consistent Wave   Thorli, on the outskirts of Porlakshofn, has been seen many many times now across the world. It’s a go to s...
  • Inland Sea and Seaweed

    Adam at Inland Sea, a beautiful little brand from Greater Manchester has been a longtime supporter of The Path, and we really like what he has bee...
  • The Fisherman's Son: The Spirit of Ramon Navarro

    The Fisherman's Son: The Spirit of Ramon Navarro from Patagonia on Vimeo.     Born and raised at Punta de Lobos, Ramón Navarro found his passion r...
  • Plastic Beach

    An interesting short from the people at The Ecologyst, remote pollution in British Columbia.
  • Fishpeople

    Lives, beyond our own, affected by the sea, this connection makes for a brighter future. 
  • Lyme Bay Recovery

    Not surfing, but a stretch of coast that we love, and a group of activists we support.