Your Five For Monday

1. The Monday Morning Wave

An incredibly perfect and sizey day at a rare lefthander in Scotland's far north. The day was absolutely reeling, a perfect size and period combo combining with a perfect tide, and in daylight. This wave is more than often fat, but when the stars align it is a freight train, a rarity sure, but one worth being there for. 

2. A moment for issue 101

Alan Stokes, alone, just shy of the Arctic Circle, on a freezing and forbidding river mouth. This trip was heavy, on all fronts, cold, snow, hotdogs, it is a tale that is worth devouring in print. We have quite a few issue 101s left, we over printed to test paper, and not too many people knew about us then, so we're keen to get them into people's hands for the just the price of P+P HERE.

3. Mikey February

If you haven't seen it, this is worth 30 minutes of your time. 

4. Issue 104 Extract

We've held on to releasing 104 whilst the whole pandemic and post situation settled, especially overseas, but we're just a few days away from releasing our state of the ocean issue, it's actually pretty positive, but there are no punches pulled. 

It's not all environment either, we have lockdown adventures in Indo, Wales, Devon, Cornwall, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Australia and Canada. Check out more HERE

5. Free to a good home...


Yes it's a couple of generations old, but this aquatic Waterhousing is going for free. We picked it up for a steal at £50, it has two ports and it fits Canons - 1d Mk1 - 4 and we've had a 1dx in it. We needed it for one shoot of storm drains, and rather than it gathering dust in a box in the office we though we'd share some love and give it to an aspiring photog. It would probably take most other Canon DSLRs as well if fitted with a booster, it's not perfect, but is operational, drop me a line for details - 

See you tomorrow for another drop.

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