The Surfer's Path

Time to move on from the covid scenario, we all know how tough it has been, and surviving as a small business has been challenging, but now is the time to go from survival to thrivival (not a word..)

The whole point of bringing The Path back was firstly to continue the beautiful journal focussed on travel, adventure and sprinkling of the environment, and secondly to use it to create unique content born out of Northern Europe. We are bombarded by content, but it is more than often brand created or at the other end created by photographers and film makers shooting their locals. This all has its place, but a lot of it isn't generated in our world. This is where we want to fill the gap.

We have very deliberately brought together incredible photographers, writers and film makers from Northern Europe to be part of The Path, so we can start to make some pieces of work which are both relevant to us all and of the highest quality.  

We have an amazing group of creative and technical minds and we can do amazing, independent things. The beauty is we want to do it with no strings attached, other than sending you a magazine or a t-shirt or inviting you to watch a movie. We've built the foundations again with the magazine, and that is what we are asking you to buy into so we can build onto them and do some original and interesting work that will entertain and inspire (we know this word gets way overused...). 

Ultimately we're just like you, we love surfing, we love the tales around surfing and there are so many to tell from our islands and beyond which will never be told because they aren't brand related or don't fit in with a sponsors narrative, trust us we've tried... From our new series of one minute originals, to the quarterly magazine, to longer films we have some fascinating stories coming. 

This is where you come in and it's a no lose situation, you get at least one epic magazine, plus the chance to win some useful gear and we put the profits into some incredible content and give a little back to our chosen charities as we go as well. But that isn't all, you'll automatically get access to our digital area as well, that's a year of archive and films. So lets go, help us create different the selections are - 

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 Issue 104 for £10

 5 Issue Subscription starting at any issue 101-105 for £30

 Digital Subscription for £10

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Beyond The Path its self here's a couple fo examples of what we have done already in the last twenty years - Numb with Ian Battrick to original cold water adventure, take a flick though some of the book.


We've conceived and been part of making a lot of branded films over time, they are what they are, but this one we made with Mike Cunliffe and Micah Lester is a lot closer to what we have coming up.