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There is no doubt we chose the worst time to re-launch The Path, it was tricky pre-covid but the pandemic really hurt us like everyone. However, we figured it out, got loads of support from our community and are now about to do six issues this year, which really exciting. 

We are almost entirely reader supported, and that doesn't mean you have to subscribe, just individual mag sales keep us rolling. We print a limited number, that way we can manage our costs and minimise waste, and you get a quality limited edition product. 

We print on a paper that gives us a high quality journal like feel, but we also minimise our environmental impact as well, and the combo of the two as well as limiting wasteful over prints means we are as environmentally friendly as a mag can be. 

Each mag is, like the 100 before, timeless, we try to make every feature something that is relevant now and in the future, whether it be from a reference point fo view for travel, an adventure feature which remains relevant and exciting forever, or an issue or interview that will stand the test of time. Just because an issue is old, it is still a thing of interest and beauty. We don't do news, that's what the internet is for, so have a look at our first three issues. The first one is at a special introductory price, and all prices include postage, no hidden costs.


We wanted to produce an issue with a solid nod to the past and and eye on where we were going. 

Land Sea Sky remains as it was, with oceanographer Tony Butt examining sea level rise and it's affects on our surfing world. There is also a piece by Blue Marine Foundation's Dan Crockett about the loss of marine diversity in Patagonia. 

We travel on a social media free adventure through Britain and Ireland, just soaking the culture and surf. 

Ben Selway is arguably the UK's most accomplished all round surf photographer, but he has had a really tough few years,  fighting cancer and keeping shooting to put food on the table. It's an incredible story and folio.

Mike Kew - A low key journey through parts of the pacific you have never heard of, in typical Kew style, he unearths some gems and gives us a window into the culture of the lesser known atolls of Micronesia and beyond.

Lea Brassy - Trying to be a travelling surf pro and a Patagonia/Eco activist, this French nurse turned pro surfer has a fascinating story. 

Iceland - A wild few days spent stuck in a blizzard in Iceland with a local adventurer who is far more nuts and interesting than us surfers. 

Surfing vs Big Oil - Our relationship with oil is complex, our fight against oil based products even more so, nothing is simple when it comes to our relationship with fossil fuels.

Plus a stunning gallery and the return of Agree to Disagree. 

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Issue 102 has one of the nerviest shots ever from mainland UK, BagPipes with Ian Battrick in the tube.


Land Sea Sky - Tony Butt on the cost of losing waves, particularly in New Zealand We also start looking at the creatures we surf with and their importance in the ocean starting with plankton. 

There is an incredible in-depth interview between Sam Lamiroy and master shaper Ian Purchase Jr. talking, life, surf and shaping. 

Greg Ewing takes us on a journey into the wilds of The Congo, searching for waves and the truth behind one of the darkest countries in Africa. 

Lucia Griggi is our photographer feature - Breaking ground as a female photographer, and her folio is simply incredible. 

Hull to Helsinki - What would you do if you got a job in Finland? You'd drive the coast of Norway to get there of coarse. An adventure like no other to get to work.

An incredible folio by St Agnes based photographer Matt Smith, shot entirely on polaroids.

Van life - The realities of giving up bricks and mortar, we talk to folk across the globe about the realities of van living, getting more time to surf, and if the instagram gloss is reality. 

Finally Climate Shock - The world is falling apart so how the hell to travel to score waves without piling on more pressure. 

Incredible Gallery Instant Surf - St Agnes local Matt Smith on shooting surf culture with a polaroid

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Land Sea Sky starts with Tony Butt looking at a post apocalyptic future of live-streamed big wave events on steroids. Plus we introduce marine biologist Lauren Smith, and her new features on the creatures we surf with. 

New England - A little different to our regular folios, we hop across to New England and a life of shooting the cold North East with Brian Nevins. 

New Zealand - With Mark McInnis, Dane Gadauskas, Pete Devries and Noah Cohen. 

Cornwall - An outsiders perspective, it's hard to write about where you live, but this is a fascinating take on the peninsula of Cornwall. 

East Anglia - Dan Crockett and Jack Johns delve deep into the swell of the decade on East Anglia's shallow cost. 

Isolation, written in the isolation of lockdown, we take you on a world tour of searching for the surfing equivalent with tales of disappear, and joy from India, Indonesia, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Mexico and Marocco Land Sea Sky And as always and Epic Gallery

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The State of The Ocean Issue Plus some crazy lockdown adventures out Feb 2021

The Schedule for 2021

Issue 105 - Early May

Issue 106 - Early July 

Issue 107 - Early September

Issue 108 - Early November

Issue 109 - Early January 2022

That will then pull us more or less into line, it's exciting times. We're always not he look out for interesting adventures, especially in the north east of the Atlantic, and beyond., so drop us a line, issue 104 and 105 is stacked with beauties from readers all over. 

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