Support Us and Our Ocean Month

So we have a lot of these 'days' for various things, but the one that we really hold as really important is The UN Ocean Day (Oh and today the 5th is UN world environment day), which is next week on the 8th. It's closely followed by a long weekend down here in Cornwall where the world's most powerful leaders get together to discuss economies, diplomacy and climate/conservation issues. So this month we are going to embrace both world ocean day, national ocean month in the US of A and the G7 summit by supporting four organisations we help with our pack page - SAS, Blue Marine Foundation, 2 Minute Beach Clean and Protect Our Winters, and support our friends at Finisterre with their Sea 7 weekend.

What we want to do is raise at least £2000 for the four above mentioned charities, plus introduce as many of you guys to the magazine as possible. Our focus is on surf and adventure, but in every issues we cover something either oceanographic or environmental. So with that in mind we're going to give away all the profit on single magazines sales - That's £2.50 on every single magazine purchase, 101/102/103/104 and 105 which will all be out and delivered by the end of the month. Then for every subscription we're going to donate £5. On top of that some of our partner brands are throwing some gear into the ring as well, so anyone who purchases a magazine, a subscription or t-shirt even will be put into the draw to win boards/wetsuits/leashes/bags etc. 

It's a no lose situation, you guys get at least one epic magazine, plus the chance to win some useful gear and we donate and support the above charities. But that isn't all, if you buy two magazines you'll automatically get access to our digital area as well, that's a year of archive and films. So lets go, help us hit that target the selections are - 

 Issue 101 for £5.00

 Issue 102 for £7.50

 Issue 103 for £7.50

 Issue 104 for £10

 4 Issue Subscription starting at any issue 101-105 for £30

 Digital Subscription for £10

 Or grab a t-shirt from our Teemill site


It's that simple, support us and we'll support all of these charities and we'll give you a solid read with some incredible images, and access to our digital archive.