My Name Is Jonas - Extracts from an adventure to Iceland in issue 101

An extract from issue 101, an adventure in northern Iceland.
Five a.m., the snow is a foot below the ground floor windows, there is little moving in the street, except for snow. The strange neon light across the street outside the doctor’s surgery causes snow flakes to glow and dance. Seven a.m. and the ploughs are out, I look across the street and the first building they make a path to is the off licence. I suppose if a whole town is getting snowed in you have to take steps to keep it happy. We get up at eight and decide to make a run
for a river mouth an hour or so away, we barely make it out of town. We are all questioning the wisdom of this, but then a snowplough passes us, we have a pathfinder. It’s hectic but we reach a main road some forty minutes later and turn right, only to find the mountain pass shut. I sometimes wonder whether we think we are a little too invincible in these wild places, and push things too far. But this time we are talked down from attempting a 1000 metre pass in deep snow, and we retire to a service station for coffee and hotdogs.
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