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You'll have noticed we have a section called The Path, it is purely for subscribers and digital subscribers. What's behind there? Well the digital version of the magazine for one, then there is the epic book by Ian Battrick, Numb, which is free back there. They are the obvious bits, but there is also a steady stream of new archive features being added from the first 100 issues of The Path, by the spring we will have around 500 up, making it one of the biggest surf travel archives online, with a great splattering of surfing legends profiled in there as well, it's an archive which needs to made available for new generations to appreciate our heritage and culture.

But that's not all, we also have loads of images and tales that never made the magazine, which are also as important, and these will be added as well. Finally there are our films, we are making short films at the moment, we can't just be a print publication, and they all exist on The Path.

Supporting us in digital or gives you unrestricted access to this, and in turn, you are supporting the future creation of a document that will be the ultimate recording of our surfing lives in Northern Europe. Just click the shot for a digital sub.