Issue 107 Preview

We haven't decided on a cover yet, but issue 107 will be off to press in a couple of weeks, making for three issues in quick succession. 

 Losing Wave After Wave

The above wave, a classic in many surf film and company shoot is under threat from harbour expansion and fish farming 

Our main investigation is the mass loss of waves in the last few years. We have partially or totally lost some classics - Sanur, the legendary Balinese right has been effectively cut up due to tourist developments, that secret sandbar right-hander in Barbuda is under threat, three British waves still have plans not he table for development (Staithes, Aberystwyth Trap and Porthleven), and Iceland has lost two of its main waves, a third is on the chopping board and with the development in the North East of the country of a mega port several more are going. It's an incredible investigation, and incredibly we've uncovered over 100 waves which have either gone, or are under massive threat.

A Fresh Start

We have three very different tales of lives changed because of riding waves, from an ex-pro rugby player to a supermarket manager.


We have some post covid travel tales from Indonesia, Chile and Central America. 

Mid Wales

A chance move for work leads to a late eighties and nineties leap into cobblestone heaven...

Creating A Surfing Reserve

A look at how North Devon became a Surfing reserve. 

A Secret Secret

We also finally reveal a very crazy Northern European secret spot that has been lying dormant on a hard drive for almost a decade (which is also the last time it probably broke!!)

Plus all the regular goodness of galleries and marine life features. You will be able to order a single issue her pin May, or get one of our last Birthday subscriptions HERE