Issue 106 Preview

We've long been know for publishing things others would not and going to places others would not, and issue 106 is staying very true to this. 

Firstly we're going to places others have not - 

Heligoland, where? A pair of islands, owned by Germany in the southern North Sea, and what is more we're sailing there.

Svalbard - Yeah seriously, about as close to the North Pole as you can get, with a man who lived and surfed there for three years. It's not the first report on this archipelago but it's incredible. The first known trip was the crew at the Sotrmrider Guides who took a boat out there.

Eastern Greenland - Surfer mag tried to do a trip there years back, it failed. Two of our readers went there for work, took boards and found waves.

We then have the incredible story of East Coast USA legend Sid Abbruzzi, just google him, and then prepare for a long feature about an incredible characters life. 

Then we head to Norway and one Australian photographers incredible photography of a remote group of slabs.

We go back in time with snowboarding legend and TSP subscriber Ed Leigh, and a machete wielding 90s trip to Lakey Peak.

When we heard photographer Mike Spencer was heading to Nazare for the swell of the season, we asked him to shoot loads of angles, his folio from the biggest wave on the planet is the result. 

Finally the most excellent JP Currie (you may have read his stuff on Beachgrit) and his first feature for us. If you didn't already know he's Scottish and a darned fine writer. 


Plus we got all the usuals, a beautiful gallery, Agree to Disagree, Land Sea Sky and the most excellent parting shot. Its all out in April to unleash our 25th year of TSP. 

You can pre-order on of the 100 non sub issues HERE