Issue 104 and 105

There have been moments when things have been really dark over the last six months. But persistence is the key during adversity, and whilst we've faced a lot of problems we have two issues of The Surfer's Path on their way. Issue 104 Is all done and dusted and will be with subscribers, depending on where you are on the planet over the next 2-3 weeks. 
There is a state of our oceans feature, which is looking at the positive as well as the negative of our oceans future. It's the last big 'eco' feature of the year, we've listened to you and we're toning that down in favour of all out travel and adventure. There is a good good slice of that in issue 104 as well. 
Eugene Tollemache and friends (spread above) found total isolation in Indo, then we have tales from frigid Nova Scotia, Wales, Devon and an epic journey by yacht from Sardinia to Australia, via Egypt, Saudi Arabia and The Maldives, surfing and racing home to before lock down. 
It's a good issue, for digital subscribers it will be live on Wednesday the 19th.
Issue 105 is hot on its tales, it will be out on June 7th for digital subscribers and a couple of days later for print subs. It's an epic, first we talk to some of the best big wave and slab surfers to see exactly where the limits of our sport is. Then we go on a global travel extravaganza to Hawaii, Cornwall, Ireland, France, Sri Lanka, El Salvador plus we speak to an ex rugby pro on making it as a pro bodyboarder and an ex-surfer who traded his board for a suit, then discovered the wave in Bristol and has given it up again. There is something for everyone, plus all the usual Land Sea Sky and gallery. 
It's been a journey, but we're here for a long time. As for issue 106, well we have something very special, something different to reward everyone who has stuck with us through the last year.