Issue 104

Issue 104 is approaching, we've held off so we can weather the storm of a winter of lockdown, but it's time to get back on it and we have three issues coming in quick succession. The first is a beauty, and one that has been simmering for some time. 

The lead is the state of the oceans feature, which is apt as it is the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, essentials the decade to save our ocean. We've got an incredible piece bu Dan Crockett of The Blue Marine Foundation which gives us an oversight, a look into the complexities of how everything is inter related, and how it is not just one issue. 

We have three very personal views of how the ocean is changing around our coastline from Wales, Scotland and Norfolk.

We chat to some of the leading environmental groups to see what the realities are, and what is ultimately the end game when it comes to achieving results in environmental campaigns. 

We also speak to a sociologists about how positives in humanity are driving local changes and ocean protection. We also speak to a tourism expert, to see how development has damaged coastal regions, and how unwittingly surfing has been used as a trailblazer into some areas.


It's not all Ocean though, we have five epic lockdown adventures, one in Indo with Eugene Tollemache and friends, one in Devon, one in Wales and one in Cornwall. Plus and incredible lockdown voyage from Sardinia to Australia

It's a stacked issue and will be out soon, we'll drop some spreads next week, and will be closely followed by 105, but more to come on that...

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