Ian Battrick

We're really going to mix up how we show all the people we meet, some don't want to talk, like Ian, he just wants his surfing to do the talking and cut down on 'the bazza' as he puts it. That's fair enough, one thing we will say, there is no one as committed to the search as this man, as I type he has been living in a van since October just below the Arctic circle hunting waves, and avoiding the pandemic. These three films just give you an insight into his life.


Liquid Gold from Ian Battrick on Vimeo.

False Awakening? Alien Encounter? Lucid Dream? from Ian Battrick on Vimeo.

Enclosed Encounters of the Third Kind from Ian Battrick on Vimeo.




Ásatrú, surfing & camping in Iceland with Ian Battrick from Ian Battrick on Vimeo.


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Ian also designs his own wetsuits. check them out HERE