Big Oil V The World - An Extract from The Surfer's Path Issue 101

An extract for the feature "big oil v the world" in issue 101
Recycling is not the answer, yet large companies have green washed their way to acceptance by using this mantra. Starbucks are a good example, in reaction to the backlash on single use coffee cups they hailed a new recyclable lid, made from polypropylene, brilliant we all said and sipped guilt free on our Latte. Trouble is whilst polypropylene can be recycled, there is virtually no market for it, as it’s way cheaper to just produce new, so it all ends up in landfill, or the sea.
This is the root of the problem, we want guilt free living in an age of global warming and choking seas, and recycling is a handy facade to keep us happy and buying.
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