Behind The Shots 007-008 - Into the wilderness

Time to go wild...
Shot 007 - Campfire tales
I can remember snippets of the tales from this shot, some funny ones, some outrageous ones, but all classic campfire yarns, and not the light weight ones you or I may tell. Round this campfire was Timmy Turner, his brother Ryan, Pete Devries, Jeremy Koreski, Raph Bruhwiler, Ian Battrick and a character by the name of Jetski Joe. We'd just surfed pretty epic drop box, see below, and afterward slept in the woods and ate salmon cooked on an open fire.
008 - Cold Spring in Ireland
This sunrise was beyond spectacular, it was on another camping mission, this time with a group of legends from Bude, Dan Haylock, Bobby, Ross, Rich, Corey, Luke and Jack Beasent from Reef. Was an eclectic mix, we drank a tonne of whisky, slept rough for a week, played a lot of music, and got a surprising amount of waves, but this morning on this little slab stands out beyond everything else.