Behind The Shots 005 - 006

Time to go really, really cold with this next pair. 

005 - Micah Lester, Norway.

This surf at this left-hander in Lofoten was the coldest I have ever been in, and definitely the coldest Micah has ever been in. The air temperature was -6 with a -15 windchill on top. Blizzards were sweeping down the valley, and not nice big soft flakes of snow, but stinging ice crystals, like needles from the sky. The water? Well Lofoten is at the end of the North Atlantic current so it gets a bit of warmth, but with streams flowing into the lineup the water temp was plus three degrees. It was brutal. There is not much good to say about it I have to say...

It wasn't as good as it looks either. 

006 - Micah Lester, The Right, Lofoten. 

This evening could not have been more different, yes the water was still frigid, but the air was a barmy six degrees and only a light offshore not adding to any chills. Micah compared this session to an average day at Burleigh, boulder takeoff into a mix of boulder and sand as it hollowed out. It lasted for a tide, and the solo barrels were all but a memory. 

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