Behind The Shots - 001 - 002

Just whilst we're getting magazines done, and not creating too much new content for the site, we thought we'd put some old shots up from a group of photographers and tell the tales behind them. It's easy to take photos on face value but the stories behind them are inevitable fascinating. 

001 - The Best Wave Ever Ridden At The Cribbar - Chris Burtish

I can't remember if this was 2003 or 2004 I think 2003, it was September or October, a very late hurricane swell. I was working in The Path office for Low Pressure and we were doing a road trip to film for a stormrider series. I actually didn't want to leave Bude because I knew a certain left point was going to go crazy, and it did. But got to Fistral, pictured below, and it was pumping. But every 20 minutes or so a set would come through over double the size of everything. South African Christ Burtish was living in Newquay at the time and he paddled out to the Cribbar. I think he got a couple of small ones, and there was a long boarder who had paddled all the way from south fistral. Then this set came through, way bigger than anything and so clean, and he stroked in and pulled into and rode this barrel until it pinched. I'm pretty sure it's the biggest, cleanest wave ever ridden out there. To put it in perspective I was stood on the end of the headland, so this was breaking way out. Now the Cribbar isn't a particularly great wave in the grand scheme of things, but for a few sets this day it pumped. Chris then saved the long boarder when he broke his board!

002 - A frenzied Cornish Beach Break - Toby Atkins

This day was hectic, the tide was huge and the swell all over the place. I can remember there being nothing over shoulder high for ages, then a solid set would come through right off the rocks at the east end. We were all waiting for those sets, but most didn't really wedge properly due to the tide being way too low, then as it pushed, we got one set, and Toby Atkins snagged this one, easy the most solid wave I have shot in the water in Cornwall followed by his mate Micah Lester on the last set wave below. 

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