Behind The Shot 017 - 018

017 - Alex Sutherland, Thurso
This was back in the days when there were few surfers in Thurso, what is more those that did live there worked offshore. Thus you could have two week spells with no one around, especially in the week. This day rubbish, it was one of those Scottish swells that simply never materialised, as usual it was down to the south west nature of the swell, and not the west north west swell predicted. But Alex and Ian Battrick stroked out anyway, and as the tide turned, so did the swell direction, and they had a couple of fruitful hours of glorious overhead Thurso East.
018 - Timmy Turner, Jökulsárlón
This beach is kind of famous, it's where everyone goes to get pictures with icebergs, and all that. We've been a lt, looking for sandbars, and this day we actually found one that was worth surfing. It's a pretty dodgy pursuit out there, dodging ice, but whilst filming for Cold Thoughts, with Timmy, we got a session or two. 
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