Behind The Shot - 015 016

Sleepy time, you reckon it's all hotels, bars and nightclubs on a surf trip with us? Well, nope....
015 - Timmy Turner and Ian Battrick, a tunnel, Iceland.
The story is  this, this tunnel turned out to be one of the best sleeping places in Iceland. In ten or so trips we never paid to sleep in a structure, we mostly camped or slept in hire cars. In this case, we had been in a tent at a nearby beach, but it blew away, see next tale. When we returned we didn't want to camp again, so found this pull over, three miles into this tunnel. It was chilly, and the lights never went off, but we slept well. The only car that came along and checked on us were the Police and that was just to make sure we were ok, not to move us along.
016 - Timmy Turner and Ian Battrick, a toilet, northern Iceland. 
As mentioned in the shot above, we lost our tent. It blew so hard, and the ground was so frozen. The beach where we were staying was basically shot for days, so we drove for ten hours to an even more remote area. One where we had no idea if there would be any waves. We got to a small fishing village at around 1am, we were wet, tired, but like in a lot of Icelandic villages there was a few hot pools and next to it a shower/toilet, with a naturally heated floor, it was like finding the Hilton for free...
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