Behind The Shot 013 - 014

The almost...
013 - Mitch Corbett, Zavial, Portugal by Ben Selway
This day was absolutely thumping, anyone who knows the Algarve will know that this is really solid. Mitch was on the first step of his journey to becoming a big wave guy, where ehe later broke his back at Aileens and barely escaped with his life. Now gavial at this stage is to be fair 90% a closeout, a closeout that runs, but a closeout none the less. But when Ben came back with this shot, then submitted for Wavelength, it was a hairs breadth away from being an epic cover, the margins are slim, a half a second earlier and Mitch would have tucked in nicely...
014 - Mark Harris, No.10
The day was hectic, not the first time No.10s had been surfed, it had been surfed for years before this, but definitely the first time it had been shot. The boys who had travelled up struggled with it, both towing and paddling, it had a pretty nasty habit of bottoming out at exactly the critical moment, in fact the swell direction was all wrong. A couple of days later Matt Capel would nail the cover of Carve.
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