25 Years Of The Surfer's Path

In April we will be 25, we've held on to starting the celebrations as technically our very first issue was the April/May 1997 edition. Between now and the end of April we have three editions of the magazine coming out (105 is out and still shipping), covering everything you love about the Path. 

We will also at the end of April be launching our archive, we've spent a little extra time on this to get the re-launch of every issue 1-100 dead right, and to ad some films to them as well. 

We have also already started doing some grass roots film evenings, thanks to everyone who has come along already in Suffolk, Norfolk and London. We will be going nationwide as the year progresses, including the release of some of our own films as well. 

In April we will also be returning to social media, we've taken a lengthy break from it, for three reasons. Firstly just the stale nature of the platforms, we didn't want to contribute to the absolute noise of mediocrity, so have made a few plans there. There is also the just need a break factor, and also we had a few issues with the environmental ethics of Meta, but on discovery we've decided it's ok. 

Finally we have something new fro subscribers coming along, and only subscribers will be able to access it, and we think it's going to save you money, and mean you are able to enjoy surfing even more.

We'll be getting very active on here as well. 

Thanks for all the support, as always you can join us HERE