The Path Collective

We are really excited about the next phase of The Surfer’s Path. Tim Nunn relaunched it alone in 2019 and got The Path through the nightmare that was covid and then the even trickier post covid period. He has now edited and readied for print (or are already printed) up to issue 109. The Path is now run by a collective of passionate surfer’s, writers, photographers, designers, experienced business men, people with experience in both distribution and ethical printing, to fully reach the publications potential both in print and online. Tim isn’t leaving he is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in both magazines and surfing in general in northern Europe and will remain consulting on everything. However from now on the day to day running of the whole title will become part of the larger community.

Why are we doing this? Well firstly there are so many skills required to make The Path successful and take it forwards, and the only way to do this is to have a group of dedicated individuals to do it for the love, for the community and not for any profit. We’re committed to putting every penny back into producing something special.  Our priority is delivering something incredible primarily for current subscribers and supporters, although we will be able to offer a few extra subscriptions and single issues over the year.

How will if affect me? If you’re a lifetime subscriber or a subscriber, nothing changes all the issues will be delivered and any extras will be with you by the end of May. If you’re in Australasia we have a new delivery system there, we also have dedicated distribution for the USA and Canada so any subs there will get things a lot smoother. Within the EU, we also have new distribution, and any missing issues for anyone will be sent through them as well to avoid the customs charges and delivery refusals we’ve had to deal with.

All in all, the magazine will become more regular in 2024, more consistent and the distribution more precise. The quality will go up, and most excitingly we’re bringing on loads of fresh new blood to invigorate the content, and elevate it even further above the short period mundaneness of a lot of surf content at the moment.

Regarding the Archive, we’re up to issue 14 on there where it was paused, mainly to just establish the best way of digitising the other 86 magazines. This is now in process and they will start going live again in June.

In the meantime, we’ll be doing a lot more on the site here, on this blog especially, we will be pulling back from social media, we are in the collective agreement that content from photographers and writers is too good to put it on platforms to make the platforms money, so keep checking directly on our site.

If you would like to get a magazine you can here

We are all in this for the love of creating something, not to make money (there isn't any), just to make something to get away from scrolling and provide a lasting document of our surfing time.