Surf Essentials

There are just a couple of items you need to surf. But as surfing grows, we are fed more and more surf essentials, so we are going to independently review and in some case test some items. Back in the day we used to do a bit in the mag called out of the blue, it was predominantly reviews of books, DVDs (remember those), surf boards and all sorts of essential gear. It doesn't really fit in the mag anymore, but we want to be an open and inclusive magazine, not sniffy, not too cool (but definitely nothing like The Inertia so there won't be any lists or rubbish like that), so we're going to do some honest considered looks at gear. 

Everything we test is considered an essential, we're not going to test things that are not, think robes, changing matts etc. They are extras, essentials are wetsuits, boots, gloves, hoods, leashes, wax, boards, deck grip and the like. All of it is impartial, and whilst we will link to the companies, we have zero commercial gains and will tell it exactly like it is. 

We'll add the odd extra special post, reviewing things like action cams adventure gear, but these are obviously not essentials, likewise books as well. Anything you'd like us to check out just drop us a line.

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