The Path In 2020

We’re just over twenty years old, and just over a year into a new incarnation. It has been a tough year, we have had so many hurdles to get to where we are and just as things were starting to fly along we had a global pandemic and total economic shutdown. But we can’t let that stop us, and whilst it slowed down production, it didn’t halt the creativity to grow The Path.

As you have probably read we have twin issues coming out over the next month, and we have been busy putting together a coherent plan for the following eighteen, eighteen! Yes we have this crazy vision of making TSP a community project that will give a platform for issues, writers, photographers and film makers from around England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, with us still keeping one eye on global issues and travel (especially Europe).

We want you to get involved more, any writers and photographers you can email me direct - - any ideas you may have or submissions send them over, we want to be a home for them online and most notably in print. We are a tiny production (one man in a shed in Cubert, Cornwall), plus an incredibly talented designer (check, and a band of freelancers and photographers. We haven’t got everything right in the last year, but we have learnt from all our mistakes, and we have some really exciting projects coming up.

Firstly we are continuing our 100 surfing paths, keep an eye out for them on here, and if you have any underground surfers/environmentalists who deserve a platform please let us know. Secondly tomorrow we will announce our four photograph award winners, they are varied, one a tale of addiction and surf photography, two photo projects looking at two of our most interesting surfing communities, and one about a wave which we had no idea even existed.


As always we exist because of you, I doubt we would have made it through the last two months without the reader support, and we have upped our print run slowing us to offer more subs, if you’d like to be a part of this community and help us grow you can sign up HERE

Thanks for all the support this year.