Issue 104 - The State of Our Oceans


Why this image? Well issue 104 is about the state of our oceans, everything from why we still have to surf in sewage, to over fishing, our own industry, plastic, sea level rise destroying breaks, artificial wave pools, surf colonialism plus a lot more. Plus of course why we are on the frontline and why we are all so important in the fight. 

But why this image? Covers usually have never been seen, this one is probably one of the most widely seen surfing shots in history, and that's why it is so important on a number of levels. Firstly the shock value of a perfect wave full of plastic, secondly the fact that it is in our surfing mecca, Indonesia, thirdly it was shot in a pretty remote part. It speaks on so many levels, but it also has one that is less obvious, Dede in the shot is an absolute legend, we have a great story of him in Ireland with Ian battrick but that's for another issue, but like surfing we exist in a contradictory world. We fight against big oil and pollution, yet we want to fly to Indo, we want the best wetties made of oil, new surfboards, and we want to see pro surfers like Dede shredding and that takes sponsorship, and well deserved, but what sums up the complex situation we exist in is that back when this shot was taken, a shot that opened a lot of the world's eyes to the severity of this problem, Dede was riding for Coca Cola, that's a sticker next to Quik, the single biggest source of plastic pollution on our planet (check @sascampaigns new survey). It's a complex screwed up world we surf in, issue 104 sure doesn't unravel it all, but we write about it with a zero bullshit approach, and thanks to us being reader supported, we don't mind rougheling a few feathers in our own backyard. 

Shot by the incredible Zak Noyle