Issue 101

Issue 101 I share and it is on sale right now for £5 check out what is inside  -

Land Sea Sky - Tony Butt on sea level rise, and Dan Crockett in Patagonia
A social media free adventure throguh Britain and Ireland
Ben Selway fighting cancer and keeping shooting
Mike Kew - A low key journey throguh bits of the pacific you have never heard of
Lea Brassy - Trying to be a travelling surf pro and a Patagonia/Eco activist
A wild few days stuck in a blizzard on the Greenland sea
And Surfing vs Big Oil


About The Surfer’s Path


The Path is both supported by our readers and totally reader focussed. We live and breathe surfing and the environment we surf in. We are here to be a voice for our subculture. We are about the people who make it so interesting; the artists, the environmentalists, the soul men, the athletes, the adventurers and everyone who makes our world so vibrant. We are all bound by the sea and it is that common thread that leads us to The Path.

We are a small independent journal, we believe in the power of print. In an ever over saturated digital world, we exist to be a breath of fresh air. A place where you can break free of the digital chains of life, and indulge in long well considered intelligent articles accompanied by exceptional photography. The influence of the printed page for maintaining our subculture should not be underestimated in a world of continued digital mediocracy.

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